This is How the Bakersfield Bail Bondsman Can Help You

If you are looking for a bail bondsman in Bakersfield, you have come to the right place. The Bakersfield bail bondsman offers assistance to individuals who are detained on accusations of criminal charges but who do not have the financial capacity to make bail.

In the state of California, all defendants in a criminal case, aside from certain exceptions are entitled to reasonable bail. Some of those exceptions include risk of flight or if the defendant poses a danger to the community. But even when granted bail, not all defendants can afford to pay the cost for their release. That is when the services of Bakersfield bail bondsmen become important.

A reliable and trustworthy bail bondsman can help you in clarifying your options and in helping you understand the possible consequences of the choices you make. While we are not officers of the law, we do have a certain level of experience, at least when it comes bail hearings and bail bonds. And it is in this area where we can help you.

We help you to understand the conditions, if there are any, that are attached to your bail. And we help you to understand the consequences of breaking any of those conditions, or of breaking the very condition of the bail, which is your appearance during your court dates.

For the standard ten percent fee, as well as some guarantee that we will be repaid should Defendant skip out on his bail and not attend his scheduled court trials, we will put up sufficient surety on your behalf with the courts in order to secure your release. We will also do our best to assist you through this process, whether in filing the paperwork or in taking any subsequent steps, to make the process of securing your freedom as efficient and as seamless as possible.

If there are any conditions attached to your bail, we will help you understand what they mean so that you do not end up breaking them, which might result in the cancellation of your bail.  This is important because should you break any of these conditions, your bail will no longer be recognized by the courts and a warrant for your arrest will be issued. It is also quite likely that the amount of bail will be raised as a consequence.

Safeguarding your welfare in this way is important to us at the Bakersfield bail bonds agency. This is because we believe in due process and presumption of innocence.